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There are lots of rare photos on this blog. It may take several minutes to load, but if your a real Bonnie & Clyde fan, it'll be well worth it.

Bonnie Parker came from a broken home of the 1920s. Her mother tried to raise her the best that she could at a very difficult time in America's Great Depression. There were several factors going against Bonnie in her teenage years. One, she lived in an impoverished area of the country that was hit by hard times. There wasn't a lot of money going around and jobs were not easy to come by. The jobs that could be gained payed very little. Another factor was bordom. Nothing exciting ever happened and time was spent mostly by working with little else to do. Bonnie held a job at the local drugstore as a 1930s soda jerk when she met Clyde Barrow.

Clyde had grown up in a family setting. His father owned the only gas station in town but they were still struggling to keep their heads above water. Clyde had spent time in reform school for robbing a town grocer. As he grew, he always wanted fast and easy money and, as a result, spent time in both local jail and federal prison. Rumor has it that he even cut off a toe or two while in prison to get an early release.
In any other period of time, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow may have had a wonderful and happy life together. There is no reason to believe that they didn't fully love one another. In fact, there were several accasions where Clyde could have left her behind to get away clean. But he didn't. From the day they met untill the day they were ambushed and killed by federal officers, Bonnie and Clyde were fully committed to each other.

This, by no means, makes what they did any more understandable. Bonnie and Clyde were murderers and theives that would stop at nothing to get what they felt they had coming. When they were stopped along a deserted road and two motorcycle officers stopped to investigate, Clyde and Henry Methvin shot both down in cold blood. But it was Bonnie Parker who got out of the car and, while both policemen lay helpless on the ground, shot both in the head to make sure they were dead.

A lot has been written about this bloody pair and their gang of killers. But it has to be remembered that they did not HAVE to take this route in life. Yes, times were hard, but so many other people lived through it and made it without resorting to a life of crime.

This blog was created to highlight the many photos taken of them and others who were involved, in one way or another, with them. Bonnie and Clyde took many pictures themselves while running around the country and these have been found when they were chaised by the police. It could be possible that Bonnie and Clyde were the most photographed bandits in history. This 2-page blog contains photos, documents and letters that trace one of the MOST WANTED pair of bandits in American history.